3 Basic R’s of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not as simple as it sounds. You need to know the fabric of the carpet, its composition, right cleaning agent, appropriate equipment and follow the strict schedule of carpet cleaning. You need to have proper information about all the aspects to avoid any sort of damage to your prized carpet during the cleaning process. It is easier said than done! You can only derive the real value of your carpet if you keep it clean and well maintained through the years to come. And you achieve this only by following 3 basic but crucial R’s of carpet cleaning – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Yes, this sounds like an environmental slogan, but it also works well for the wellbeing of your carpet. Here is how you can implement these 3 R’s in your basic carpet maintenance schedule.

Understanding the 3 R’s Separately

Reduce: -

You can reduce the air pollution and dissemination of filth and dirt inside the home by not walking over the carpet with your shoes on. You should also vacuum your carpet on a regular basis and always call Professional Carpet Cleaning in Perth at least every six months. Also, don’t put heavy object over the carpet as they can tear the carpet in no time. If you will follow these preventive measures, then you can easily reduce the stress on carpet caused by dirt, filth and unnecessary weight. This will also reduce the frequency of carpet replacement and help the environmental cause.

Reuse: -

Replacing the carpet every now and then sounds fashionable but it is neither economical not environmentally friendly. Regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning of the carpet can increase its life to several years. It will also add vintage value and look to your house if you keep your carpet in good shape even after years of use. You can also repair small wear and tear to extend the life of your carpet.


Recycle: -

Recycling is the best way to dispose of a used carpet. You can contact various agencies in Australia , which work along with carpet industries and pick your waste carpet in order to carpet recycling as it prevent carpets from getting dumped into landfills and adding to the ever increasing environmental problems. You can also recycle them in other ways like using them in your garage, make doormats and donating it to less privileged people.


How Does These Three Leave an Impact on Your Life?

Since, Carpet Cleaning is always a tough procedure, if we implement carpet recycling, reusing in practice, we can definitely save in money and efforts. These three R’s have become the benchmark of efficient carpet cleaning, maintenance and disposal. Following these R’s will help you save extra money by delaying your carpet buying schedule and also cut down on environmental pollution.


How We Can Extend Help?

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