Mustang Moments

Mustang Moments

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Hurstville, NSW 2220, Australia
Hurstville, NSW

Apart from classic wedding hire in Sydney, we offer services with special packages. We ensure satisfaction and have access to different models like Fastbacks, Mustangs, Eleanor's, Convertibles, Harley Davidson's, Chrysler Limousines and Australian music cars. So, what is there to wait for? Turn up in style to any occasion. You could hire muscle wedding cars in Sydney, which is well-maintained to represent a new model on your big day. What you can exceptionally get from us is white and bright appearance, real head turning muscle sound, classic interiors, rear-side window, friendly and skilled staff, who can make your day even more special.

Our Fleet:

> JET USA & USA JET: Identical twins with 500 horse power under each bonnet.

> JUNIOR: A unique convoy, which is the newest addition to JET USA & USA JET.

> WILD PHANTOM: The name represents a weapon's name by reputation. You can add this as an attractive option.

> MUZZY 67: Runs fine in normal traffic and yields smooth performance.

> HURACAN: One, which catches the eyes stopping everyone aside; beauty and class at the same pace.

> CAMARO 67 CHEV: Looks sleek and adds the charm of your existing track of cars.

> 24 CARAT GOLD: Bold and unique like no other.


Hurstville, NSW 2220, Australia Hurstville, NSW 2220


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